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Our goal is to provide our clients with a quality of service that exceeds their expectations, resulting in an increase in the added value of their services.

This positive outcome has resulted in numerous letters of recommendation and thanks, which contribute to our pride.


In human resources, subcontracting is frequently used in contexts where there is a scarcity of qualified personnel, a specialized trade, fluctuating and/or seasonal activity, and/or the search for flexibility in the management of financial resources by transforming a fixed cost into a variable cost. In addition, it allows the client to focus on his core business.

Our experience and expertise in the supply and management of specialized personnel enable us to guarantee you high-quality services that are effectively translated into :

  • An expertise in listening to your needs until they are met.
  • A simplified human resources structure
  • A better balance sheet and improved cash flow for your company
  • Increased flexibility and resulting cost savings due to rapid adaptation to economic and seasonal fluctuations.

In fact, our services have always contributed to increasing the added value of the service offered by our clients. This positive result has been reflected in numerous letters of recommendation and thanks, which contribute to our pride.

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We offer our clients a high-quality service and adapt to their requirements in order to optimize communication between their company and ours. As a general rule, we take care of everything from the candidate search request sent to us to the inclusion on the payroll, which follows the presentation of the selected candidate's file to our client.


The tasks we take care of until selection are the following :

  • Searching for candidates. This search is based on advertisements placed in the press, on the Internet, on unsolicited applications, and on the database maintained by our company
  • A first selection based on the examination of the applications
  • An interview with each candidate
  • Possibly (*) a reference check. The verification can be carried out by us or by consulting an independent and certified organization
  • Possibly (*), an aptitude test in English or French
  • Possibly (*), a psychological test
  • A drug test by an independent and certified body (for US drivers (*))
  • Possibly (*), the organization of a Road Test carried out by an independent company
  • Possibly (*), a training of the candidate for the "Dangerous Goods" card

(*) these tasks are performed if requested by the client

Regional Road Driver North Shore of Montreal

And more

In some cases and at the customer's request, we organize a driving course often focused on a particular maneuver (reverse gear, gear change, etc.) or simply on driving in general (refresher course).

For these purposes, our company uses the services of a recognized and independent driving school.

Regional Road Driver North Shore of Montreal

Hiring and follow-up

ince the beginning of its existence in 2005, our company has demonstrated its ability to provide its clients with a complete subcontracting service covering not only the aspects related to the selection of personnel but also all factors related to payroll and the "Client/Employee" relationship that follows the hiring of the candidate. With regard to payroll, employees are paid weekly by bank transfer, with all deductions made at the source.

As for the "Client/Employee" relationship, through meetings with either the employee or the client or both, our company generally adopts a mediating position. It endeavors to take all necessary measures to optimize the quality of the services it offers by considering the impact on the added value ultimately delivered by the client.

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A reliable partner

Since its inception in 2005, our company has strictly adhered to the laws and regulations in force in the field of labor and taxation. The accounts are audited by a renowned accounting, tax, and consultancy firm. Our company is self-financed.

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