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Originally, we were a Training Center for heavy truck drivers. Understanding that despite of getting their Classe 1 (AZ) license after proper training, the candidates could not find a suitable driving job because of lack of experience, the owner of the company decided to put his trucks, monitors and unexperimented drivers, all together, at the service of one of the national leaders in LTL transportation, based in Mississauga. This, in order to provide the newly licensed drivers with real work experience. Very quickly, considering the superior quality offered by our company, the LTL transportation company asked for getting more drivers and suggested us to turn into an agency, which we did when we registered “CANAM Drivers” in November 2005.

With the time, the volume of operations of “CANAM Drivers” increased and got diversified. Currently, our company works for several transportation companies active in different Canadian provinces.

Nevertheless and whatever the volume of its operations, “CANAM Drivers” continues to deliver superior quality services to his clients as well as to his drivers, by securing the last ones with decent wages and with good working conditions.

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Staying permanently tuned to the needs of its clients and of its staff, the managing team of “CANAM Drivers” is making its mark with its proactive and its focusing on results approach.

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