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Regional Truck Drivers

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The objectives of our regional truck drivers

The various tasks of our truck drivers include supervising the loading and unloading of merchandise, ensuring the good condition of the vehicle and correctly filling the administrative documents.

Fully trained, our truck drivers transport your merchandise on the scheduled place and within the agreed time. Their experience and professionalism allow them to manage stress and pressure during work.

Your goods are delivered on time

Regional Truck Drivers Montréal

Reliable and secure transport services

After carefully securing the package, our drivers can transport your merchandise to any city in Canada and the USA.

With a perfect knowledge of all the road networks, they know all the shortcuts for faster delivery to the scheduled destination. Our truck drivers practice defensive driving for a safe and secure transportation process.

Care and caution on the road

Regional Truck Drivers Mississauga

Our regional drivers’ strengths:

Focused attention
Care and caution
Professional and courteous

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