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Our business expertise Montréal

 Our experience and expertise enable us to ensure  services of quality. Our human resource outsourcing service will offer you many benefits:

  • A simplified structure: by outsourcing your human resource services to CANAM DRIVERS, you can concentrate fully on your business. This will save you both time and money.
  • Financial results: outsourcing can turn a fixed cost into a variable cost. You will thus benefit from a better balance sheet and improve cash flow.
  • Smoother cash flow: Our payment terms are more flexible compared to the applicable terms regarding payment of direct wages.
  • Expertise: we are able to offer turnkey solutions. We can handle your outsourcing project from the feasibility study to its implementation.
  • Flexibility: we strive to help you cope with economic and seasonal fluctuations by adjusting the volume of our services extremely rapidly.

 We offer a complete recruitment service, consisting of the following steps:

  • An interview with the candidate to determine his qualification
  • The successful candidate fills out an application form to be used for verification of their professional and personal references
  • The reference check is performed by CANAM DRIVERS or by an independent body according to your choice
  • A drug test is performed by a certified independent body at the time of hiring and several times during the period of employment
  • If required, we can get the candidate to take a road test (done by an independent body) and a training to obtain the "Hazardous Goods" permit.
Our business expertise Mississauga

 Responsive and professional, we can modify our hiring criteria according to your expectations.

Note that CANAM DRIVERS is a serious company that strictly follows the laws and rules in force regarding labor and taxation.

Our accounts and balance sheets are prepared and audited by a renowned accounting, consulting and taxation company. The company is self-financing and has smoothly withstood the latest economic and financial crisis.