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Long Haul Truck Driver

Based in Lachine, Canam Drivers puts you in touch with professional long haul truck drivers.

60 qualified truck drivers

We have 60 qualified long haul, city, highway and long distance truck drivers.

They can transport goods throughout Canada and the United States. Trust us with the preparation of administrative documents related to compensation claims with the CNESST/WSIB.

Our drivers have gone through comprehensive training

Long Haul Truck Driver Montréal

Transporting various types of goods

If you’re looking for professional truck drivers, call Canam Drivers! Whether you’re transporting construction and raw materials, foodstuffs, parcels or other goods, we provide competent drivers for all your transportation needs.

We start the hiring process and proceed to pay the driver after you have accepted his/her application.

A simplified service from hiring to payment

Long Haul Truck Driver  Mississauga

Our truck drivers are:


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