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Our target is to deliver to our clients a quality of service exceeding their expectations, resulting into an increased added value of their performance.


In Human Resources, outsourcing is frequently used in situations where qualified staff is rare, where the necessary skills are specific, where the activity is facing temporary or seasonal surges or where there is a need for more flexibility in the management of Financial resources by turning a fixed cost into a variable cost. Besides, it allows the client to focus on its core business.

Our experience combined to our expertise in the offer as well as in the management of specialized manpower are our best guarantee in our providing of high quality service which are

  • an expert attentive listening to your needs up till their satisfaction
  • a streamlined Human Resources structure
  • a more attractive B/S and an improved cash situation of your company
  • increased flexibility and savings resulting from a fast adaptation to the seasonal or temporary activity surges

Actually, our prestation always added to the value of the services offered by our client. That positive result got materialized by numerous Recommendation letters which contribute to our pride


We offer to our clients a high quality service. We adapt to their rules in order to improve the communicating between their enterprise and ours. Generally, we take care of all the tasks, from the request for a candidate until the candidate inclusion onto the Payroll, which inclusion follows the presentation of the complete file of the selected candidate, to the client.


We are taking care of the following tasks:

  • the search for candidates. That search is supported by adds placed in the Press, on Internet as well as on spontaneous candidates  and on the list of files from our company’s  updated Data Base
  • the first short list based upon the scrutinizing of candidates
  • a complete interview of each of the candidates from the short list
  • upon request (*), a checking of the references. The checking may be taken care of by our company or by addressing to an independent and certified firm
  • upon  request (*), a test of English
  • upon request (*), a psychologic test
  • for the candidates involved in the driving in the US, a drug test made by an independent and certified firm
  • upon request (*), a Road test made by an independent company
  • upon request (*), a training of the candidate, as well as the exam for getting the “Hazardous Materials” card

(*) those tasks are effected by our company upon the client’s request


Furthermore and upon the client’s request, our company organizes a driving training, often focusing on a specific skill (rear drive, use of mechanic gearbox, etc) or just simply on general driving (update, refresh). For the purpose, our company cooperates with an independent and renowned Driving school.

Hiring and follow-up

Since it start in 2005, our company proved that it has the capacity to provide its clients with a full outsourcing service covering not only the issues about the selecting of the candidates but also all the matters related to the Payroll and to the cooperation with the Client, which comes just after the hiring of the candidate.

Concerning the Payroll, the employees are paid on a weekly basis by bank transfer, after that all the taxes and all legal deductions effected.

Regarding the relation “Client/Employee”: throughout meetings with the employee or with the Client or with both of them, our company is generally positioning itself as a mediator. It strives to adopt all the measures oriented towards the optimization of the value added to the service delivered to the client as well as the one delivered by the client.

A reliable partner

Since its startup in 2005, our company strictly complies to the rules and to the laws applied to Labour and to Taxation. The accounts are checked by an enterprise renowned in accounting, fiscality and consulting.

Customer Service Customer Service

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